UX and Design Intern in Minneapolis

Why You’ll Love Working Here

Working at Simply Searched gives you a chance to hone your skills in an open, collaborative, and entrepreneurial environment where you have the ability to shape what you learn and the experience you have. We believe in pushing past your comfort zone to learn and grow, but we do so in the comfort of our own homes, or in your case dorm room.

We are a technological melting pot comprised of marketers, mathematicians, designers, and developers who believe in and cherish an internet that provides an opportunity for every business to succeed, regardless of size. Thus, we want to provide small business owners with access to enterprise quality websites and digital marketing strategies that level the online playing field for businesses small and large.

Position Overview

You’re browsing for a design and development internship so you’re undoubtedly creative, motivated, and proficient in web design principles so we won’t list those as requirements. We are looking for a user experience web designer who is a quick learner, a hustler, and a self-starter. In this role you will be the lead UX designer which means you’re responsible for building persuasive responsive website layouts. Think this application page looks boring? It’d be your job to spruce it up!

Fun Things You Will Be Doing on the Job

  • Create attractive and intuitive UX wireframes that guide users through to the desired actions
  • Collaborate with content strategists and marketing to develop high quality design, color, iconography, and layout recommendations
  • Involvement in user research to explore, uncover, and analyze behavior trends with Google Analytics, Hotjar, and other research methods
  • Working as the lead UX designer for WordPress websites, especially Divi, to create landing pages

Skills that Would Make You Well Suited for the Job

  • Proficient in Adobe CC, Balsamiq, Moqups, or other wire-framing technologies
  • Background in Usability testing and User-centric Design
  • Understanding of web design language and concepts such as HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript
  • Must present a portfolio of UX development or graphic design work (please include links to work within your resume)

Things that Would Make You an Even More Amazing Candidate

  • Passion for digital marketing and an entrepreneurial attitude
  • Knowledge of using analytics to drive informed UX design decisions
  • Video editing and production skills
  • Desire to always be learning and improving


This is your time to shine so don’t be afraid to tell us about your best projects.

Be creative. It’s not bragging. In fact, we encourage it.

TIP: If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, begin thinking about how you’d improve the UX and Design of this application page. We may just ask for you to share your expertise with us.

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