SEO and SEM Intern in Minneapolis

Why You’ll Love Working Here

Working at Simply Searched gives you a chance to hone your skills in an open, collaborative, and entrepreneurial environment where you have the ability to shape what you learn and the experience you have. We believe in pushing past your comfort zone to learn and grow, but we do so in the comfort of our own homes, or in your case dorm room.

We are a technological melting pot comprised of marketers, mathematicians, designers, and developers who believe in and cherish an internet that provides an opportunity for every business to succeed, regardless of size. Thus, we want to provide small business owners with access to enterprise quality websites and digital marketing strategies that level the online playing field for businesses small and large.

Position Overview

We are looking for a tech savvy individual who’s curious and passionate about search engine optimization. You’re browsing for an SEO internship so you undoubtedly have a fundamental understanding of how search works, what Chrome Developer Tools are, and what the Google Webmaster Guidelines are. In this role you will be the lead SEO and have a great opportunity to perform investigative work on professional client websites and lead the recommendation and implementation of technical optimizations.

Fun Things You Will Be Doing on the Job

  • Direct all website SEO content optimization from draft phase to publishing, including Header Tags, URL, meta description, and more
  • Identify areas for on-site improvements in structure, internal linking, content, and page speed
  • Discover and evaluate organic competitors, including keyword research and content opportunities
  • Craft comprehensive task lists and directions for fixing items found during technical audits

Skills that Would Make You Well Suited for the Job

  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, and WordPress
  • Advanced knowledge of Excel, including pivot tables
  • Ability to quickly learn new software and stay up-to-date on latest changes in search
  • Must present a brief task list for SEO improvements on any website of your choice. Explain what the task is and how it will improve the website’s SEO

Things that Would Make You an Even More Amazing Candidate

  • Passion for digital marketing and an entrepreneurial attitude
  • Knowledge of using analytics to ideate on content creation
  • Above average level of interest in Google and search marketing
  • Desire to always be learning and improving

This is your time to shine so don’t be afraid to tell us about your best projects.

Be creative. It’s not bragging. In fact, we encourage it.

TIP: If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, conduct an audit of your favorite website to visit and present recommendations on what to improve and how. We may just ask for you to share your expertise with us.

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